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The All You Need Guide to London's ULEZ Zone

Starting from Monday 8th April 2019, Transport for London will require older vehicles which do not meet modern requirements to pay a ULEZ charge when driving in central London.

ULEZ replaces the T-Charge but is in addition to the congestion charge.



The Ultra Low Emission Zone Charge is being introduced to help the City meet its air pollution requirements. The charge aims to discourage drivers with older polluting vehicles from entering Central London.


Where and When in London?

The ULEZ zone is the same area as the London Congestion Charge. However, the stand out different is that it will operate 24/7/365 unlike the Congestion Charge.


The ULEZ & Congestion Charge Zone. Source: Google UK/TfL 2019

In October 2021, the ULEZ zone will widen to the North and Circular roads around central London.


I Still Need to Pay the Congestion Charge?

If your vehicle is subjected to the ULEZ charge and you are driving in the Congestion Charge Zone between 7am - 6pm, Monday to Friday, you will need to pay both the C-Charge and the ULEZ Charge.


Is My Vehicle Affected?


Diesel cars need to conform to Euro 6 and petrol cars need to conform to Euro 4. This is generally petrol cars registered after 2005, and generally diesel cars registered after September 2015.

Cars required to pay the ULEZ charge will pay £12.50 on top of the existing congestion charge.


Vans & Minibuses

Vans & Minibuses have the same requirements as cars, but the Euro 6 and Euro 4 technology arrived a lot later to this segment. 

Vans required to pay the ULEZ charge will pay £12.50 on top of the existing congestion charge.


Lorries, Buses, Coaches, Recovery Vehicles, Tippers, Removal Lorries & More

Vehicles in this category need to conform to EURO VI standards. This is generally vehicles registered after 2014.

The daily ULEZ charge is £100 on top of the existing congestion charge. 


Is My Vehicle Up to Spec?

TfL have provided an easy to use vehicle checker on their website. This will tell you if you need to pay the ULEZ charge.

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How Do I Pay?

  • On the TfL website
  • Register for Auto Pay if you will be a regular driver in the ULEZ zone. If you are already registered as part of the C or T Charge then you don't need to do anything.
  • Download the TfL app
  • Pay by phone:
    • UK: 0343 222 2222
    • International: +44 20 7649 9122
    • Textphone: 020 7649 9123 (if you have impaired hearing)


Consider Hiring A Modern & Safe Vehicle

All of Euro Self Drive's vehicles are up to the latest emission specs which means you will not need to pay the ULEZ charge.

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